Monday, February 29, 2016

Paper Mache shelf

I’ve continued work on my paper mache shelf.  First, I added another layer of texture to complete the background.  As for the birdcage, I’m thrilled to say that I made it out of old wire I found in my parent’s garage.  Nothing goes to waste in my world.  After I put the bird in her birdcage, she was screeching at me to give her a party hat.  I had just the coil hat for her.  I think it added a nice whimsical touch.  Now, I need to work on the top shelf.  I’ll be adding elements from an old Cuckoo clock I found.  I’ll post pictures when I finish.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Great Junk Hunt flea market

My girlfriend treated me to a fun day of junk hunting at a vintage flea market; The Great Junk Hunt.  It was such a fun day and we both left with bags full of goodies.
Beautiful display for jewelry . . a gorgeous vintage frame on an artist easel.

Nesting boxes for a chicken coop

Fun idea - making  a roller skate into soap dish.  I owned a pair of these roller skates when I was little.   They were impossible to use – your foot would constantly pop out of the shoe clips.  I’m positive these metal skates will make a better soap dish than a roller skate.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Vintage Valentines

How many of you remember school Valentine’s Day cards coming in book form instead of a box?  The Valentines usually had movable parts and were often decorated with velvet elements. All of the Valentines were different, so you had to stop and think about your friend when you picked out the perfect Valentine for them. 

The Valentines had to be punched out of the book and often assembled.  Then the envelopes had to be cut out and glued or taped together. 
The process certainly took time and was very fun.  In a world without the internet and only 3 TV channels, getting your Valentine’s Day cards ready for school was something to look forward to.

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