Friday, October 23, 2015

Craft Fair Display

Here is the table display I designed for last year’s craft fairs. It drew people to my table and I received many compliment.  I used crates purchased from Michaels.  They’re sold in most craft stores, but I’m all about using my 50% coupon at Michaels.  To age the crates, I dabbed Walnut Ink onto a cotton balls and spread the ink across the crates to give them a rustic/aged look.  To display earrings, I strung rows of picture wire inside two of the crates.  I hung the earrings using a deck of playing cards and clothes pins.  As for the necklaces, I used cabinet handles drilled into a crate for the necklaces to hang from.  I was able to find most of the handles around my house, but did have to buy one from a craft store.  You can also purchase them from your local hardware store for a few dollars.  I made my “vintage jewelry” sign by painting chalkboard paint onto a vintage tray.  I made the mannequin displays out of paper mache’ (previous entry). The beauty to this display is that you can stack the crates and carry your merchandise in them.

I found it easiest to sketch how I wanted my table to look, then to build my props from my sketch. 

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