Monday, November 2, 2015

Book Review: The Salvage Studio

I was browsing the shelves of my local library and found the book, The Salvage Studio, by Amy Duncan, Beth Evens-Ramos, and Lisa Hilderbrand.  This book is filled with great ideas and directions on how to create rustic home décor out of things you already own (often known as junk).  And if you don’t have a particular item you need, you can purchase it fairly cheap at a Goodwill Store.  This is the perfect book to flip through while relaxing in front of the TV.  Although I will warn you, It’s also the kind of book that makes your brain start racing and thinking “what can I do with my junk?”  You may find yourself in your garage digging through boxes of stored possessions to see what you can make. 
One of my favorite items is the caddy made from a fireplace tool holder and glass ceiling domes.  Throw in a couple of chandelier crystals for embellishment, some wire and Voilà, the perfect silverware holder for your next party.  It does look fabulous for a party and I can think of a hundred ways I could use it daily to organize art supplies.  I’d probably fill the domes with colored or pastel pencils.  But wait . . . there’s room for both.  I actually have a fireplace holder out in my garage.  I wonder if I have any glass ceiling domes as well. 

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