Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Altered Cigar Box

I was given a lovely selection of cigar boxes.  They were all similar in shape and size, except for the one above.  I liked the square shape and how it opened with a slant.  I decided to alter this cigar box into a Rolodex-style box to organize my yearly goals . . month by month.  To see how I attached the drawer pull click HERE

After decorating the box, I made monthly tabs out of background papers I had painted earlier. 

I then made cards out of cardstock, to go behind the monthly tabs.  Each card represents one category of my monthly goals.  I used fine tip Sharpies to draw the lines and finished the cards by stamping titles on each. 

I didn’t touch the image on the inside of the cigar box as I felt it was perfect as is.

Here’s what my goal box looks like on the inside: 

Now I have no excuse for not working towards my goals.  Well, none right now, anyways. 

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